Velkommen til Gamle Rådhus Scene og Opera til Folket. Opera til Folket sin nettside er for tiden under oppdatering, og i mellomtiden publiseres våre konserter her på scenehus.no.

Gamle Raadhus Scene is located on the second floor of Gamle Raadhus at Christiania Torv 1 in kvadraturen in Oslo.

We have Lørdagsopera (Saturday Opera) at 3:30 pm every Saturday in February, March and April in the spring and September, October and November in the autumn.

Tickets: NOK 180 (NOK 135 for our members).

If you want to rent Gamle Raadhus Scene, fill out the following and send to

info (at) operatilfolket.no

Please tell us:

  • Date
  • Get in
  • Start and finish for the arrangement
  • When are you totally finished
  • If you want the bar to be open

We will come back to you with prices and terms for rent.